Wiener Bierwirt has to face a jury for murder

The date for the trial of the 43-year-old who is said to have shot his ex-girlfriend has not yet been set.

The public prosecutor’s office in Vienna has brought charges against a suspected homemaker who is said to have shot his ex-girlfriend with a handgun on April 29, 2021 in Vienna-Brigittenau. His defense attorney Manfred Arbacher-Stöger does not want to raise an objection to the murder charge. However, a date for the trial has not yet been set.

In addition, the prosecution has applied for the defendant to be placed in an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers for an unlimited period of time. Decisive for this are the expert statements of the psychiatric expert Siegfried Schranz. Although he certifies the beer owner’s sanity at the time of the offense, he comes to the conclusion that he has a mental disorder that is equivalent to a psychological and spiritual abnormality of a higher degree, which was the cause of the bloody act. The APA’s indictment speaks of a “combined personality disorder with predominantly emotionally unstable, impulsive, dependent and antisocial components”. In addition, the regular consumption of benzodiazepines, alcohol and cocaine is said to have caused behavioral disorders in the accused.

According to Schranz, this mixture makes the beer host so dangerous that the expert assumes with a “high probability” that the beer host could commit further homicides and other acts with serious consequences without the therapeutic treatment options guaranteed in the execution of the measures. The public prosecutor therefore considers the placement of the 43-year-old in a special penal institution to be absolutely necessary in the event of a conviction compliant with the indictment.

The woman who was shot – a nurse – is said to have finally ended her 15-year relationship with the 43-year-old a few days before the fatal shooting. He is said to have appeared armed in her apartment and fired at her twice with intent to kill in the presence of a neighbor.

The relationship was not always harmonious, and there were always short separation phases. The suspect achieved some inglorious notoriety by initiating a legal battle with the Green Club chairwoman Sigrid Maurer. Since then, his alcohol and drug consumption is said to have increased, which led to massive problems in his relationship with his girlfriend.

Pulled gun before that

About a week before the fatal shots – the woman succumbed to her injuries in a hospital – there had already been a dangerous incident in the 35-year-old’s apartment. The beer innkeeper behaved so disrespectfully to the woman’s family that the 35-year-old’s father threw the man out of the premises. The 43-year-old took a gun, repeated it and pointed it at his father-in-law.

No complaint was filed after the incident, but the 35-year-old finally ended the relationship with the restaurateur. On April 29, the suspect came back to the apartment of the now ex-girlfriend. Despite visiting neighbors, he drew a gun and, according to the charges, shot the woman in the thigh and head.

Then he sat down in the courtyard of the residential complex and drank almost all of a bottle of rum and a bottle of vodka until the police arrested him.

“In the state of intoxication”

“He is terribly sorry,” said his defender Manfred Arbacher-Stöger in an interview. He had committed the act “in a state of intoxication” and was therefore not guilty, said Arbacher-Stöger. In addition to murder, the public prosecutor’s office also accuses the defendant of severe coercion and illicit possession of weapons.

A psychiatric report commissioned by the public prosecutor’s office showed that the accused is highly dangerous, which is why an application was also made to be admitted to an institution for mentally abnormal lawbreakers in accordance with Section 21/2 of the Criminal Code (StGB).