Wietze de Jager wants to be with family in Zwolle more often: ‘Morning show on Radio 538 eats up energy’

Wietze de Jager finds it difficult to make radio on Radio 538 five mornings a week. With a morning program and three children at home in Zwolle the ‘energy-guzzling combination’ is becoming too much, said the person from Zwolle on the radio on Monday. Colleague Klaas van der Eerden was surprised. “And you didn’t know that in advance when you made that choice?”

Wietze de Jager has been the face of the morning show of Radio 538 together with Klaas van der Eerden since 2022. After nine months, making radio is starting to get tough, the Zwollenaar told extensively in his morning show on Monday morning.

‘Balance is a bit lost at home’

“I have the best job in the world and I love doing it, but I find it gnaws at me that I can’t give enough at home. Then you feel like you just can’t do it well enough. I just want to be with my children with the right energy,” said Wietze. Because of the morning show, the balance in his home is ‘a bit off’.

Colleague Klaas was surprised. “And you didn’t know that in advance when you made that choice?” Wietze thinks not. “I didn’t expect it to get so complicated, no. I did not expect that. I also made a morning program before, but that was without children. Now I am at home with three young children.”

parental leave

In order to spend more time with the children, residents of Zwolle would like to take parental leave. “Per child you get 26 times a working week if you work forty hours. With three children, in my case that is 78 weeks to which you are entitled. 78 weeks of parental leave in total, until your child is eight years old,” he says. “The government has come up with this to keep the balance between work and private life in good shape.” If it is up to the radio maker, he will record those weeks in one go.

The radio DJ wants to work at least one day less for the time being, but fears for his employer. He thinks that Talpa does not agree to parental leave.

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