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Deutsche Telekom


EmpiricRun (TDWZA): Here the dividend focus should serve as a downward airbag. (13.07. 11:11)



yannikYBbretzel (270287BZ): Purchase of another position… Bechtle , weighting + 0.13% (13.07. 11:11)



JensWienkamp (EVENTING): I have placed a partial sell order (limit at 84.90) for Exxon because Exxon’s share in the overall portfolio is too large. (13.07. 08:19)



Separate (SPECIAL2): For the second time in just a few weeks, Nordex has raised fresh money: the wind turbine manufacturer wants to raise EUR 212 million gross by means of a capital increase with subscription rights. To this end, new shares are to be issued at a ratio of 10 to 49 at a price of EUR 5.90 each. The subscription period starts today. It is certainly positive that the major Spanish shareholder Acciona and the banks involved in the measure guarantee the issue. Still, the stock price’s positive reaction is surprising. Of course, the fresh money has averted the risk of insolvency for the time being. Nevertheless, in the weeks following the capital increase, a massive share overhang is to be expected, since up to around 60 percent of the issue volume is attributable to the financial institutions accompanying the issue. These will hardly have any interest in becoming long-term shareholders in Nordex. It seems to me that these institutes are currently maintaining prices in order to persuade existing shareholders to subscribe to new shares. Because the higher the share price, the higher the discount at which the new paper can be purchased – and thus the incentive for the existing shareholders. It fits into the picture that Nordex is garnishing the capital increase with superfluous reports: “UKA and Nordex are intensifying their cooperation,” the Hamburg-based company announced today. “UKA, one of the top 3 wind farm developers in Germany, and the Nordex Group, one of the largest manufacturers of wind turbines worldwide, are continuing their successful cooperation by extending their framework agreement for a further two years. The cooperation currently covers a volume of 80 wind turbines, which corresponds to an output of around 500 megawatts.” The numbers sound impressive, but cooperations of this magnitude are part of day-to-day business and are not necessarily worth reporting. The same applies to the report “Nordex Group receives order for 456 MW from Brazil” on July 8th. Overall, the renewed capital increase shows one thing above all: Nordex is on fire. It is not for nothing that the company hinted in the corresponding press release: “With the capital increase with subscription rights, the company intends to strengthen its capital structure by increasing the equity ratio in the currently volatile market environment for the wind energy sector. Nordex is convinced that the increased liquidity provides protection against short-term, industry-specific risks and also improves the company’s positioning with its customers.” Conclusion: The Nordex share is a clear short! (13.07. 07:15)



lb08 (INVSOLID): Bought cheap Adidas. (13.07. 07:10)



LuxCH (IAS19): Wiedereinstieg bei SNAP Ende Juni.  Gewichtung derzeit ca. 8,3%. Performance im wikifolio aktuell bereits bei ca. +13%. Why SNAP? 332 million daily active users (DAUs) use Snapchat every day on average. Over 6 billion AR Lens plays per day on average. Over 250 million DAUs engage with augmented reality every day on average. Over 250,000 Lens creators have used Lens Studio. Over 2.5 million Lenses made by the community. Over 75% of the 13-34 year olds in over 20 countries use Snapchat. HV und Zahlen Q2 kommen Ende Juli.    (12.07. 21:52)



Pilchi (INVESTPM): Nice profit with a holding period of one day. Position is closed as my target price has been met. (12.07. 20:22)

Home Depot


ThomasBrantl (VGT20): ETF PAYOUTS AND P2P LOANS ENSURE 228 EURO CASHFLOW 💰💰💰 In terms of cash flow growth, it was the second best month of the year, in absolute terms the third best: I received almost 230 euros from shares, ETFs with payouts, P2P loans and passive real estate investments 🤑 You can find out where things went well and where I would have hoped for more in today’s cash flow update June. I hope you enjoy reading 👇 … because your money can do more! 📈 #stayhungry #stayfoolish (12.07. 18:43)



Thomasius (52190308) remaining Positions still sold: BYD, Ganfeng Lithium and AT + S! (12.07. 16:44)



DanielLimper (DLWIAUST): 07/12/2022: 6 pcs. Post-purchase (12.07. 15:39)

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