“Wild” update, seasonal adventures in Dungeons – Gambling addiction

Last Saturday studio Mojang gave a presentation Minecraft Live 2021, within which she made several announcements.

Perhaps most excited by the news of a wild update coming next year will add frogs and mud blocks to the game. With the help of the latter, you can create clay and clay bricks.

In the next month or two, the studio will release update 1.18, which will add a new generation of mountains and caves, new biomes and much more to the game.

The update will in no way interfere with the transfer of worlds from 1.17, and they plan to release it simultaneously for two editions: Bedrock and Java… One more good news is connected with them – on November 2 they will join the ranks of projects for Xbox Game Pass for PC and will support cross-platform gameplay.

And finally – in Minecraft Dungeons Seasonal adventures with an updated progression system and a tower mode will appear, where hardcore fans can test their skills in 30 levels filled with enemies and bosses.

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