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Wildlife Animal Husbandry: A Cure for Farmer’s Disease In r n n n n

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Perambra: Extreme levels of flood danger in the upcountry Eternal and quick to put an end to the scourge of wildlife. Tamara Sherry Bishops’ Migios E In the nchanani. Human lives are also under threat after the destruction of agricultural crops. Farmers should not pretend that the government does not care.
Similar tragedy in Chakita Para Grama Panchayat in Kozhikode district The Bishop was the one who led the way to see the direct farmers.
Peruvian moose, a dog of different abilities who suffers from wildlife harassment He went to Johnson’s house during the day and met with farm representatives. Complaints were also heard. Chucky Rock Panchayati Dust, Chembanota, Muthukat, Peruvanna Farmers’ care due to wild crop production in the wetlands Peruvian Muzhi Fathima Mata Palli The Vicar informed the Bishop of Fr. In the past, there was destruction of agricultural crops and now there is livelihood in the direct tank. “It simply came to our notice then,” Johnson told the Associated Press. No sleep at night. There are jungles around VT. Sauerkraut is one of the most common forms of immunization. “None of this works for EVs,” Johnson said. There is no one to buy at a fair price if you want to sell because of wildlife harassment. Ward says government compensation for crop damage is meager Gamraj pointed to the circle.
EV should also be placed in the name of the person who has passed the examination in Kannur. Farmers’ leader George and Blaney commented. All wild animals except monkeys stand on the wall. A distance of 30 km will have to be established in the name of Chakita Para Panchayat. Johnson said he had sent a letter to Minister AK Shashindra in this regard. Wildlife harassment of farmers in Chakka Para Panchayat The bishop said there were games in the mountains, including Poi. . Appropriate reactions and objections to this are inevitable.
The political leadership and the people’s representatives did not see the problems of the farmers. Do not overdo it. “They should come to the scene for them,” he said in an interview. Fr. Mathew Panachikal was also present.

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