Wilfred Genee wanted to present Studio Sport (but was much too arrogant) –

It was in Wilfred Genee’s big dream to become a presenter of Studio Sport. He made several attempts, but they were unsuccessful. When Kees Jansma was still the boss of the sports department at the NOS, he showed Wilfred the door.

Wilfred was unbearable, says Kees in the podcast De Leeuw Lult Verder. “Wilfred came to Studio Sport and he was of course a lot younger than now, but then he already had that presumptuousness, which I find quite attractive about him now. But then I thought…”

“He didn’t like Mart Smeets, he actually didn’t think anyone was good and suitable and he said: ‘Here I am.’ I said, “Very nice, see you soon and we’ll see each other again.” It was a short and sweet conversation.”

According to Jansma, Genee is now too polluted by his association with VI to ever work for the NOS again.

“I think he’s an excellent presenter: false, provocative and he tempts you into things you might not want to say. In short: that’s excellent for such a program, but I don’t think it’s possible for Studio Sport on Sunday evening at seven o’clock. There is a difference between Today Inside and Studio Sport.”

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