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Will Andrew Lincoln return to The Walking Dead? Rick Grimes was already back and wearing a different hat

Rick Grimes & # 39; last episode of the Walking Dead is unfortunately on us. Whether the character of Andrew Lincoln lives or dies, this is going to be a great day for TWD Fans Although it's sad to let Rick go, it's hard not to dream that Andrew Lincoln will one day return The Walking Dead. Technically, he already has, and it seems he's ready to play the post-apocalyptic sheriff again, as long as it's not a full-time job.

"I have two little kids," the actor told San Diego Comic-Con Weekly entertainment, "and I live in another country, and as they get older, they become less sustainable, it was that simple. It was time for me to come home." – that feels final, even for a show about resuscitation – so it seems he will not be back soon. Such a strong proclamation must hold.

The good news is that Lincoln will return to the show and has been on set in Atlanta since his last episode – but as a Living Dead Director for an upcoming episode of season 10, loud Weekly entertainmentnot an actor

Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

"I'm going back," Lincoln said in an interview Weekly entertainment, "I'm going to shadow a director again, and I intend to direct it next year."

This should at least assure the fans that the star has not left the show because he has disillusioned the story, the cast or the fans. His departure was personal to him; The audience should not feel it as personal. "I can not be that far because I can not stand it," Lincoln continued EW, "That's how much I invest in the show and the continuation of the story."

If Lincoln ever returned as Rick, he would not be the first Living Dead Return actor after her character left the series. Sonequa Martin-Green, Scott Wilson and Jon Bernthal return in Season 9. Characters like Morgan returned to the series after a long absence, and characters like Lori and Glenn appeared in flashbacks or visions since their departure. There's always a way for Rick to show up again, if circumstances permit.

Jackson Lee Davis / AMC

It's also not likely that Rick will join in Fear the walking death to be with Morgan or something. The spin-off is not closer to home for Lincoln. AMC would need to highlight a UK-based zombie franchise spin-off and then explain how Old Man Rick crossed the pond to regain Lincoln as a regular cast member. Basically, leaving the original series means leaving the franchise, at least for now.

Nevertheless, Rick Grimes is such a central part of the Walking Dead that there will always be more of his story to tell in a way. The episode on Sunday may be Rick's last, but Lincoln is still heavily involved in the series and who knows? After the time he might pop in again – strange things have happened.


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