Will football legend coach in the Bundesliga?


Ex-national player Bernd Schuster talks about his desire to train a Bundesliga club. Sufficient experience would bring the 59-year-old – also through other experience in Germany.

The former football international Bernd Schuster hopes for a coaching job in the Bundesliga. "I tried for many years to come to the Bundesliga," said the 59-year-old in an interview with the "Augsburger Allgemeine" (Friday). "That would be super interesting, but so far it did not work," said Schuster.

After almost three decades with Spain as a center of life, he brings along the German and Spanish mentality. "That's a good mix, as a player and as a coach, I brought some of the German understanding of the game to Spain and I'd like to bring some Spanish football back to Germany," said Schuster.

Most recently, the European champion from 1980 had looked after the Chinese club Dalian Yifang, but was divorced there in the dispute. In Germany, Schuster trained only at the end of the 90s Fortuna Cologne and 1. FC Cologne for a short time.

He does not see the situation of the German national team so critically. Of course the World Cup was not good, it does not go right, but that's just how it is, the Spaniards have also experienced that, after the huge success, twice European champion, once world champion, they are also in a hole fallen, "said the ex-professional and former coach of Real Madrid. National coach Joachim Loew is the right person for the rebuilding: "He has the concept, he knows what to do."

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