Will I lose my Infonavit points if I leave my current job?

As the pandemicthe need was seen to make jobs more flexible so that companies could continue operating, but with their collaborators working remotely with the format of home office in the early stages of contingency toilet forcing people to maintain healthy distanceincluding those workplaces and schools.

With the relaxation of some of the preventive measures and the return to work of some jobs in person, a large number of workers seriously considered looking for an alternative when return to the office it is, and we tell you what will happen to your Infonavit points in case you quit your job.

Some Mexicans are looking for how to start a business, set up their own business or get by in the form of freelanceand in these cases the Institute of the National Fund for Housing for Workers (Infonavit) has clarified that in case of losing the employment relationship workers will continue to enjoy the points that have been accumulated to date for the concepts of age, salary and savings in the Housing Subaccount, so that they do not fear for that matter.

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With respect to scoreyou must remember that it is a fundamental requirement to be accredited by the Institute with a home loanor to acquire land with financing, among others financial products that Infonavit offers you.

However, despite the fact that that part of the points mentioned by the institute is not lost, you do have to take care that you continue to list as a beneficiary before the Mexican Social Security Institute (IMSS) so that the employer’s employer contributions are added to your savings and with it the quoted weeks continuously they are not lost between leaving a job and being registered again in the IMSS.

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So, if you decide to quit a job, your points collected to make you eligible for a Infonavit credit they can be affected, so you must be re-registered by your new employer as soon as possible, trying not to lose them. The two-month periods in which you appear trading uninterruptedly before the Social Security They will be the key to being approved for a mortgage, among other factors that are taken into account, such as the funds in the Housing Subaccount, the age and salary of the worker.

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