Will Kate and William send George to boarding school, as tradition dictates?

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Kate and William are undecided on the future of their son George, who will turn 7 on July 22. As the magazine reveals OK ! who interviewed an expert in the royal family, the couple hesitated not to respect the tradition of the British crown: at 8, it takes study in a boarding school.

“Kate and William are modern parents and they will weigh the pros and cons of this decision very carefully. I think they are waiting to see how their children’s personalities develop to know whether or not they will be happy to live away from home. Having lived real trauma as a child, William was very attentive to the mental health of his children, “explains Ingrid Seward to OK !.

William was 8 years old when he became an intern at Ludgrove School in Berkshire, then at Gordonstoun School in Scotland. Unlike his father Prince Charles, who keeps a “disastrous” memory of his boarding school education, William seemed “delighted”. “William and Harry were both interns and Diana visited them on weekends. It’s a super nice school [la Ludgrove School], so it might be a good choice for George. He could then follow in his father’s footsteps at Eton College. I doubt that the royal families are on waiting lists, so they won’t have to hurry to make up their minds, “says Ingrid Seward.

The choice is also up to the children

“Nowadays we are used to seeing royal members break with traditions, so it won’t be a big shock if they do things their own way. I think the vision of Kate and William will be : ‘why change school children if they are happy there?’ “, she continues.

However, “the decisions will be up to the children. Charlotte seems very confident and should adapt to the boarding school environment. But, George is a shy child, so he may not yet have the adequate character. William was very agitated at six, but perhaps George is more like his grandfather Charles, who was more reserved, “concludes the expert.

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