Will Kate del Castillo stop being an actress? Confess money problems

The actress of ‘La Reina del Sur’ made an impact when talking about her professional changes

By: Pauline Flowers

JUN. 23. 2022


Will Kate del Castillo stop being an actress? confess money problems

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With more than four decades of experience, Kate of the Castle She has become one of the most recognized Mexican women with a long list of projects in both film and television; however, he has confessed, not everything has been hunky-dory, have you thought about quitting acting?

Although properly For her head she has not stopped being an actress, Eric del Castillo’s daughter has indeed explored new professional alternatives, above all, after going through some financial problems.

This was shared by the protagonist of ‘La Reina del Sur’ in an interview with People en Español with whom she spoke about how the idea of ​​creating Cholawood Productions was born alongside Carmen Cervantes and Emmy Jessica Maldonado.

“It’s been four years since we formed this company between the three of us, which we formed it basically because we didn’t have a job, because we didn’t have money,” confessed.

Venturing to found her own production company, in addition to the difficult economic times, Kate del Castillo said, was motivated by the fact that she did not always agree with the characters that were offered to her.

“As an actress I haven’t received precisely the characters that I wanted to play, so I also said, ‘if the characters I want aren’t coming to me, why don’t I create them together with my company,'” she stressed.

Despite the bad streaks, Kate del Castillo is now experiencing one of her best stages both professionally with the imminent premiere of her series and personally, because just a few days ago she celebrated her first anniversary with her boyfriend Édgar Bahena.