Will not be charged after a scuffle with air passengers – VG

POWERFUL: Mike Tyson. Pictured here in December.

Boxing legend Mike Tyson repeatedly hit a fellow passenger.

The San Mateo County District Attorney announced Tuesday that prosecutors will not prosecute Tyson for the alleged assault. It writes HuffPost.

They have reviewed video and police reports from the incident.

Recording of the event

On board a plane that was going from San Francisco to Florida a month ago, it became turbulent for the former heavyweight boxer.

TMZ published video footage from the plane where you can see Tyson beating a person in the passenger seat behind Tysons, repeatedly.

Pictures of a man sitting in the seat behind Tyson show blood trickling out on the right side of his forehead.

The recording TMZ has published does not clearly show that Tyson hits the man where he appears to be injured, but shows that Tyson reaches out to someone in the seat behind his own.

He claims to have tormented Tyson

TMZ writes that sources close to Tyson claim that the man who was beaten was very drunk, and came up with repeated provocations.

A witness tells TMZ that he himself took a selfie with Tyson, and that the boxer was initially patient with the man who was beaten, who is to be the witness’ friend.

According to the witness, Tyson left the plane shortly after the incident.

TMZ writes that the man who was beaten received medical help afterwards, and contacted the police.

HuffPost also writes that no charges will be filed against the fellow passenger, who they point out has refused to accuse Tyson.

Neither TMZ nor HuffPost have received comments from the police, the airline JetBlue or Tyson’s apparatus.