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from Monica Guerzoni, sent to Sorrento

The premier in Sorrento with the President of the Republic at the meeting organized by The European House – Ambrosetti with the ministry for the South and Territorial Cohesion: “There is all the potential to converge towards the Center-North”

Olive trees, rose gardens, trees dripping with cedars and lemons, presidents Sergio Mattarella king Roberto Fico in the front row and, on stage, Mario Draghi who opens the conference organized by The European House – Ambrosetti with the ministry for the South and guided territorial cohesion from Mara Carfagna with a solemn commitment from the government: «Today is a sign of our desire to imagine and build a different South. A Southern Italy protagonist of the great challenges of our times, which returns to having the centrality it deserves, in Italy and in Europe ». Enough with the endless history of “inevitable waste and failures that, from the post-war period onwards”, have paved the way for the future. And enough with the “lazy prejudices”, which I hide, for example, how economic growth from the 1950s to the oil crisis of ’73 took place “with a speed greater than that of the North”, also thanks to public investments, to the synergy with Europe and to the funds of the NRP, which allocates at least 40 per cent of funds to the South.

“The South – here is Draghi’s promise, which focuses on improving infrastructure – is not destined to be left behind” and has, thanks to the collaboration between public and private sectors, “all the potential to converge rapidly towards the Center-North”. Yes, but how? Strengthening justice and focusing on talents “too often left on the sidelines by young people and women”. Now the conditions for structural change are really in place and the prime minister, on his first public appearance since his mission to the United States, does not want them to go to waste. Despite the pandemic and the new, dramatic emergency unleashed by Putin’s war in Ukraine, the opportunity is historic and the government, at least in words, is committed not to waste it.

For Draghi, the war scenario triggers serious problems, but at the same time opens up new horizons: “The geopolitical situation that changes before us presents risks, but also opportunities, especially for the Mediterranean countries”. In the fourth stage of his trip to Italy after Genoa, Florence and Naples, the premier recalls the allocation of 1.5 billion for the ports of the South, the plans to enhance high speed and the effort to strengthen cooperation between Mediterranean countries also in energy policy. And here Draghi dwells on the consequences of the Russian aggression: «The war in Ukraine has brought out the danger of our dependence on Russian gas. Italy has moved with the utmost speed to diversify gas supplies and intends to continue to do so. And in all this the south and is central ». But the government does not change course on renewables and indeed, the premier guarantees, accelerates investments: “We are in a period of emergency, but it does not happen to the detriment of the achievement of ecological transition objectives”.

The conclusion of the speech is centered on another serious emergency, food, which Draghi spoke about at the White House with Biden: “The blockade of grain exports from Ukraine risks provoking a food crisis, which in turn could produce political instability but above all a humanitarian crisis of extraordinary proportions “. The recipe is to invest in food safety by coordinating efforts with the European Union in order to “make supply chains more integrated”.

May 13, 2022 (change May 13, 2022 | 14:39)