Will of Elizabeth II. will remain a secret for 90 years. Charles III inherit the swans

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And with the exception of the obvious, that is, real estate and works that do not belong personally to members of the royal family as private individuals, and which now pass to the new King Charles III. (e.g. Buckingham Palace), the question of who and in what proportion will actually inherit from the deceased queen is now appropriate.

However, the answer to it will remain a secret. The Queen’s last will will not be published. “Now the will will be sealed and stored in a heavily guarded safe for at least ninety years,” outlines The Mirror.

It is highly likely that the Queen’s children, King Charles III, Princess Anne and Prince Edward, will inherit a significant portion of the fortune. Inheritance is uncertain for Prince Andrew, the third descendant of the queen, to whom Elizabeth II. stripped of all titles and status following the publication of his involvement in the Jeffrey Epstein sex scandal. On the other hand, she continued to support him financially.

The new British king Charles III.  with his wife Camilla

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It is also likely that, for example, jewelry from the private collection of Elizabeth II. will be seen on the necks, ears, chests and wrists of the Queen Consort for years to come Camilly or the Princess of Wales Kate or Countess of Wessex Sophie. To these women during her lifetime for official occasions, Queen Elizabeth II. she lent her jewelry.

However, while everything mentioned above is just a guess (albeit quite accurate in some cases), as reported by the LAD Bible portal, it is now clear that Prince William and his wife are newly billionaires. The death of Queen Elizabeth II. namely, the property owned by his father passed to the prince together with the title. With the new titles, Prince William’s “worth” has also risen, and in properties and mansions the prince now has an estimated £1.4 billion.

Funeral of Queen Elizabeth II:

A strictly guarded safe

Secrecy of the content of royal wills, or rather the wills of members of the royal family, is a tradition. It is generally claimed that this is to keep the crown safe. Until last year and the death of Prince Philip, it was not even clear where the wills of monarchs and members of the royal family were actually stored. But last year safe deposit manager unexpectedly revealed that the last wills are stored in London, in a heavily guarded safe, in which there are over thirty such documents.

The British Royal Family pictured in 2015.

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The publication of at least this information came after a decision by the British Supreme Court, which discussed whether the contents of royal wills should be publicly known. At the time, the judge set out a process whereby every royal will should be opened and reviewed after 90 years by the monarch’s private lawyer, the keeper of the royal archives, the attorney general and any personal representatives of the deceased who may still be available. These people then decide whether the will can already be published. The original “forever secret” no longer applies.

And this does not apply even in the case of Queen Elizabeth II’s will, so in theory its content can be published after ninety years.

In the safe, where the last will of Queen Elizabeth II is stored. there is also the will of her husband Prince Philip. “The safe contains the last wills of the highest-ranking members of the royal family, the oldest being the will of Prince Francis of Teck from 1911. The safe also contains the will of the mother of Queen Elizabeth II, the well-known Queen Mother, as well as the will of Elizabeth II’s sister, Princess Margaret, and former King Edward VIII, Duke of Windsor, who abdicated in 1936,” reports People magazine.

What about swans?

While it is very clear that the care of the Queen’s property will continue as before despite the will being secret, the future fate of the Queen’s animals, for example, was uncertain. It is now clear that the Queen’s son, Prince Andrew, will take care of her beloved Welsh Corgi dogs.

Pembroke Welsh Corgi.  Illustrative image

Beloved corgis. About the dogs of Queen Elizabeth II. will be cared for by her son Andrew

An interesting point is who will be the new owner of the British swans. One of the biggest peculiarities associated with Queen Elizabeth II. for it was that she owned all the swans in the United Kingdom. Even the majestic white birds already have a new owner. He is the new monarch Charles III., because the privilege of owning them did not belong to Queen Elizabeth II. as a private person, but as a monarch. With the accession to the throne, the former Prince Charles thus becomes the owner of the British swans without the need for reference.