Will Parcoursup refuse to admit some students to university in September?


For many weeks many French schools are blocked by students protesting against the new university access reform, which provides for a selection of files for overloaded dies. During the entry into force of Parcoursup , the platform that succeeded “Admission post-bac”, strongly criticized last year, the Minister of Higher Education Frédérique Vidal had wanted to reassure the students: this year, no recalés, all had to receive a “yes” or a “yes if” to their wishes of orientation. However, a data sheet, published on the website of DGesip (a technical department of the ministry) comes to question that word . Revealed by the AEF news agency, this note states that some students “waiting” for response could receive a “no” on September 6 , the date on which the Parcoursup procedure ends. “A notification of negative decision induced by the examination of the candidatures”, specifies the document. Asked by Liberation Frédérique Vidal, has made some clarifications : The editorial advises you “This is the law.On 6 September, Parcoursup’s ‘normal’ procedure will be closed.This will result in de facto stopping waiting lists, but the ‘complementary’ procedure, listing all the places still available in Higher education will continue, in fact a ‘waiting’ can be transformed into a ‘no’: these are decisions that make it impossible at the end of the procedure to accommodate all the students on standby “. But the minister still wanted reassuring : “The commission of access to higher education will work for propose solutions to candidates without admission proposals from the results of the baccalaureate. “Sufficient to ensure all bachelor graduates a continuation of studies?


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