Will Smith can’t make it to the Oscars, but will he be at the Super Bowl to cheer on his beloved Eagles?

En the next few weeks, great events are coming up that will be attended by various celebrities. have just been held Grammyand soon the Super Bowl and the Oscar Awards.

Will Smith will not be able to attend the latter, since the Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences the banned from participating in them for 10 yearsafter his famous slap to Chris Rock at the ceremony last year.

“The Board has decided that, for a period of 10 years beginning April 8, 2022, Mr. Smith will not be permitted to attend any Academy event or program, in person or virtually, including, but not limited to, the Academy Awards,” Academy President David Rubin and CEO David Rubin said in a statement. Dawn Hudson.

However, Will Smith could be Thinking of going to the Super Bowlsince he is a well-known follower of the Philadelphia Eagles.

Will Smith’s fans of the Philadelphia Eagles

The Philadelphia Eagles will face the Kansas City Chiefs in the Super Bowl LVII on Sunday, February 12, and the NFC champions will be supported by many celebrities.

Eagles supporters include Kevin Hart, Bradley Cooper, Joe Biden, Sylvester Stallone y Tina Feyas well as Will Smith.

When the Eagles won their previous Super Bowl, defeating the New England Patriots 41-33 In 2018, Will Smith shared a video of his pre-match preparations.

Will Smith attend Super Bowl LVII?

2022 was a very tough year for Will Smith, given the consequences of infamous slap at the oscars, the intense scrutiny of his relationship with Jada Pinkett Smith and the fact that his film ‘Emancipation‘ failure.

Smith hopes to start 2023 on a much more positive note, and the Eagles could help him get there.

We know you’ve been following his trajectory in the 2022 NFL season as he shared a story of Instagram with the caption “You already know who it is” to celebrate his victory over the san francisco 49ers in the match for nfc championship.

However, it is not yet known if the actor will be in Glendale, Arizona, for the big game on Sunday in the battle for the trophy. Vince Lombardi.