Will Smith. Chris Rock’s mom talks about the slap: “you hurt me,” she says

The strong slap that Will Smith gave to Chris Rock During the live broadcast of the Oscar Awards ceremony, he continues to give what to talk about. The fact was recorded when the comedian was presenting a category and decided to make a joke about the alopeciaa medical condition that suffers Jada Pinket Smith.

Moments after the gala, many people, including characters from Hollywoodbegan to speak out about what had happened, some supporting Will Smith, while others condemned his violent act. Although the conversations around this already seemed to have ended, the slap continues to give something to talk about.

Now, it rings again due to the statements of Chris Rock’s mother, Rose Rockin an interview for Already TV, in South Carolina, in the United States.

as reported TMZRock pointed out that Smith’s actions became personal. “When she slapped Chris, he slapped all of us. She really slapped me because, when she hurt my son, he hurt me,” Rose Rock said.

Similarly, he said that Smith decided to hit his son for “cheering” Jada Pinket Smith: “You reacted to your wife rolling her eyes at you. You went and made her day because she was laughing when it happened.”

Finally, Rock noted that he was glad that the Oscar acceptance speech of Will Smith It will go a bit unnoticed after what happened.

“No one heard his speech. No one was able to be there at the time, because everyone was sitting there like, ‘What just happened?'” he said.

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