Will Smith faces voter boycott of Oscars

Will Smith is facing a boycott from Oscar voters for punching comedian Chris Rock during this year’s 94th Academy Awards.

His performance in the movie ‘Emancipation‘, in which he plays a runaway slave during the American Civil War era, has divided members of the Academy Awards who spoke with The Hollywood Reporter whether he would be nominated for the award.

While some say they would never vote for Will because he slapped Chris Rockother voters on the board said his performance alone should be at the center of any decision to nomination.

Apple plans to launch ‘Emancipation‘ on his streaming service in December, less than a year after Smith stormed the stage to slap Chris over a joke about his wife’s shaved head at the ceremony, Jada Pinkett Smith51, who suffers from alopecia – before crying after being assaulted on stage while collecting his best actor trophy for his performance in ‘King Richard‘.

The release window means that the film will be eligible to be considered for the 95th edition of the Oscars in 2023.

Lawrence David Foldes, a member of the Voter Producers Branch of the Academiahe told The Hollywood Reporter: “Would you vote for Smith? no way.

“His embarrassing violent outburst and pathetic tearful tirade of ‘acceptance’ witnessed by millions, and his blatant disrespect for the Academy, should deprive him of any consideration and reward from members of the Academy. dregs (Academy of Motion Picture Arts and Sciences) for life.”

Among other board members who spoke anonymously with The Hollywood Reporter, one said when asked if he would vote for Will: “Loud sigh. There is no chance that I will vote for him.”

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But another said about ‘Emancipation’: “Hundreds of people worked on that movie, and should not be penalized. As for being a contender, if it is well received, well done, and deserving, it should be given its chance and left to the voters to decide. (Rts)