Will Smith walks to luxury clinic after Oscar scandal

Will Smith slapped comedian Chris Rock in front of the eyes of the whole world in response to a little tasteful joke he had baked to the detriment of Jada Pinkett Smith. The case has been a consequence, and Smith seems to have a hard time processing what happened.

Scandal and interlude

The 94th Oscar was held in Los Angeles on March 27, and the most memorable moment of this year’s ceremony was without a doubt when Will Smith, who was also awarded the Oscar for Best Actor, walked the stage live, he slapped Chris Rock and then addressed him with obscene words. The actor was furious that his colleague was joking about his wife, Jada Pinkett Smith, who had completely lost her hair due to an illness – the two celebrities publicly apologized to each other, but what happened was not without consequences. The incident stirred a huge amount of dust, and now, two weeks after the ceremony, moods seem to have subsided, the Academy announced in an official statement: Will Smith had been banned from attending the Oscars for ten years – a decision was made a week later. that the world star has left the film academy. No wonder the actor has been mentally worn out for the past two weeks, so to speak, he recently retired to a luxury rehabilitation clinic.

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