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[Epoch Times August 1, 2021](Epoch Times reporter Zhang Yujie comprehensive report) American gymnast Simone Biles recently announced that he has withdrawn from the Tokyo Olympic Games women’s gymnastics team and individual all-around competition due to health reasons. The news of Byers’ retirement aroused public attention. Some analysts said that if a similar situation happened to Chinese athletes, the possibility of choosing to retire by themselves was small; and foreign media said that behind China’s Olympic gold medal is the nation at all costs. Sports system.

After making a mistake in the first round of the vaulting event in the women’s gymnastics team final, Byers withdrew from the competition and then withdrew from the individual all-around event. She said that she still has “twisties” in the four events of pommel horse, balance beam, uneven bars and floor exercises. “Try to do a technical action, but your consciousness and body are not synchronized. This is really true. It’s scary.”

In response to the news of Byers’ retirement, many American athletes expressed their support, and some gymnasts shared the problem of “lost feeling in the air” they had experienced. White House spokesperson Shaqi said on Twitter that Byers is still GOAT (the greatest athlete in history). The sponsors of Byers also expressed their appreciation and support for her willingness to retire in the face of psychological problems.

“Voice of America” ​​published an article on July 31, quoting analysis, saying that if a similar situation happened to Chinese athletes, they might be much less likely to choose to retire.

Analysis: The Chinese Communist Party requires individual athletes to sacrifice

Ling Cangzhou, a writer and media person in the United States, told the Voice of America that the United States advocates personal freedom and personal choice. If it is due to physical health, American athletes can have more considerations and choices of their own. However, China emphasizes collectivism. The pressures faced by Chinese athletes include families and spectators, and “more about organization”.

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He said that the CCP organization decides many things, and the sports bureau and sports team will definitely let you stick to it. Under the Chinese (CPC) system, individuals will also be required to sacrifice and dedication, for the sake of the country and for the honor of the collective, we will insist.

During the 2008 Beijing Olympics, China’s 110-meter hurdler Liu Xiang retired due to injury in the preliminaries. Subsequently, Liu Xiang encountered a storm of public opinion. In the CCP’s propaganda, Liu Xiang changed from a “hero” to a “coward.”

“NetEase Sports” issued an article last year that Liu Xiang retired from the game on the 12th anniversary, and the then leader personally revealed the inside story. Before the game, Sun Haiping, Liu Xiang’s coach, truthfully reported Liu Xiang’s injury to the relevant leaders, but the leader “because of the overall situation. Consider” and did not disclose the news to the public.

Regarding Liu Xiang’s injury before the game and still wanting to participate in the game, Luo Chaoyi, director of the Field Management Center of the State Sports General Administration of the Communist Party of China, said under the press of reporters, “The considerations of the leadership are: one is afraid of damaging the enthusiasm of the audience; Perth’s score in the warm-up was 12.87 seconds. He was afraid of gaining ambition and destroying his own prestige. Third, Liu Xiang was indeed injured, but if he was injured, he had to go to the battlefield.”

Ling Cangzhou said that China (the CCP) is now “relying on the blood of nationalism to maintain its rule and to make a boost. Sports is a thing that the CCP has operated very successfully for decades.”

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Foreign media: China’s Olympic gold medal comes from the CCP’s nationwide system at any cost

The New York Times published an article on July 30, “At All Costs: The National System of Chinese Sports Behind the Olympic Gold Medals.”

The article stated that China’s (CPC) sports system is rooted in the Soviet model. The country selects tens of thousands of children and sends them to more than 2,000 government-run sports schools for full-time training; those who are eliminated live a life It is often difficult: they have a low level of education, are physically injured, and have little job prospects outside the sports system.

The article cited an example of a former national weightlifting champion who was impoverished after retiring and made a living from a job in a public bathhouse. She also grew a beard, which she said was the result of her being forced to take hormones when she was young.

Liao Qiuyun, a player who participated in the 55 kg weightlifting competition at the Tokyo Olympics this year, won the silver medal. In an interview with reporters after the game, Liao Qiuyun said: “Today’s level has been played out”, and then she shed tears. She also mentioned her injuries over the years and said: “It has been for many years, it has been there all the time” and “repeatedly. There has always been recovery.”

The article stated that the American Olympic athlete Byers publicly spoke about the mental anxiety caused by stress, while Liao Qiuyun did not mention the mental consequences that she had been training day after day when she was a little girl.

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According to the former Chinese track and field athlete Duan Daili in an interview with Epoch Times in July 2020, the students of the Chinese Communist Party’s national sports school are closed for management, overloaded with training, and there are also various bullying behaviors. The coach has the right to decide the player’s development. Various unspoken rules have also been derived.

Duan Daili was selected by the country to start track and field training at the age of 13. He said that it is not news for Chinese athletes to take banned drugs. Many coaches will ask their athletes to try drugs. Some people lose their fertility due to long-term use of stimulants.

He also said: “99% of the students in the physical education college will be eliminated.” Students who have received physical training from an early age can rarely return to ordinary schools to go up to school. They are early in the society or engaged in different jobs, and even live on the streets. beggar.

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