Will the conference be broadcast live?

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(Pocket-lint) – Twitter wants developers to get excited about its platform again.

The company announced the return of Chirp, a developer conference first held in 2010 but subsequently canceled several times. The lack of an annual developer conference, which all tech giants hold in the spring and summer, has often been seen as a huge misstep by the social media company and may have contributed to aggravating its already difficult relationship with developers.

But Twitter now seems ready to right all the wrongs. Here’s what you need to know about Chirp, including when and how you can watch it online.

What is Twitter Chirp?

Twitter Chirp is Twitter’s developer conference. It took place for the first time 12 years ago. But the last time the company hosted a live developer conference was in 2015, and the conference was called Twitter Flight. Chirp will be held in person in San Francisco, Calif., and it will be streamed live online for everyone to watch at their leisure.

Registration for Chirp will be open soon – on the Twitter Developers website.

When will Twitter Chirp take place?

Twitter has yet to announce the date for Chirp, but it encourages you to sign up(ici) to be the first to know about all Chirp updates, including registration reminders and conference details.

How to Watch Twitter Chirp Online

Twitter said it plans to livestream the keynote and upload all sessions after the event. Pocket-lint will embed video from the live-stream here as soon as it becomes available.

What you can expect from Twitter Chirp

For Developers

The conference will include a keynote that consumers and developers can attend. It will also include technical sessions and in-person opportunities for attendees to meet the Twitter Developer Platform team and ask questions. Alongside this, community meetup groups will host regional events following Chirp. Through a Twitter space, the company also announced a developer challenge with prizes worth $520,000.

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In a blog postTwitter explained why it’s bringing Chirp back and what it means for the developer community:

“At Twitter, we’re committed to creating ways for developers to enhance the Twitter experience, fostering community connections, inspiring conversations, and empowering developers to make a difference…. In As part of this, we’re announcing a number of initiatives, including the return of the Chirp Developer Conference, where developers can meet our team and other community members, both in real life and online; the launch of the Chirp Developer Challenge to inspire and reward innovation; and updates to our developer website to help the community continue to grow with our platform.”

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For consumers

Twitter will likely preview new features it’s planning and discuss upcoming changes to its app. It’ll be interesting to see if it opens up more to third-party developers, as that could unlock a bunch of new experiences and use cases for Twitter. The company didn’t say exactly what it was going to cover during the keynote, but a quick look at our Twitter hub shows that she’s currently testing a number of features, including the recently announced long-form blog notes, so maybe some of those will get some stage time at Chirp.

Written by Maggie Tillman.