With the official announcement of Samsung anticipating the launch of the Galaxy S10 The 2019 sprint has begun in pursuit of the most revolutionary mobile phone of the year. It's a complicated sprint because it lasts almost from February to November, but the Samsung Galaxy S10 It aims to be a long distance runner and also of completion. Or will it not be as revolutionary as expected?

We know a lot of details about the Galaxy S10. It will have notch, surely with a hole in the screen; There will be several models, 5 are expected; the battery will grow with respect to the Galaxy S9; One of the models, probably the most expensive, will have 5G compatibility… It will be a good phone, sure, but Samsung needs to be the best.

Given the huge competition that the South Korean manufacturer is having with brands such as Xiaomi, OPPO, OnePlus… Samsung is being forced to put all its effort into the fire of innovation. Surely the Galaxy S10 is going to be, the problem is if it will not be eclipsed by the future folding mobile of the own Samsung. 2019 starts moved.

We discuss how the Samsung Galaxy S10 will be and what it takes to succeed

Will the Samsung Galaxy S10 remain revolutionary?

In The Free Android We have met on our private Telegram channel to discuss the next big mobile of the year, the Samsung Galaxy S10. And we have transferred the conversation to this article so that you know perfectly what we think. No doubt, the mobile will need everything to triumph over the rest.

And you do you think? Do you think that the Samsung Galaxy S10 Will it be revolutionary or do you think that Samsung does not need to innovate so much because it also has its foldable mobile in its wallet? We await your opinions.


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