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Will those words of Sergio Aguero come true?

by archyw

The words of Manchester City star Sergio Aguero in an interview in 2014 are now going viral on social media. In response to a question about how long he will stay at Manchester City in 2014, his words went viral. ‘I will stay on the team until Manchester City win the Champions League’. Aguero said. Fans are now wondering if those words are coming true.

Aguero had only just reached the Champions League quarter-finals when he announced he would leave Manchester City at the end of this season, but Manchester City have reached the Champions League final for the first time. Aguero’s last match at City will be the Champions League final. If Manchester City lift the trophy on May 29, it will be the day Aguero’s words come true. Chelsea will face Manchester City in the final of the second semi-final against Real Madrid today.

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