Will Tuberculosis Vaccine Become the Rescue of People with Corona Around the World (Video)

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Scientists are continuing their research to find a cure or vaccine to fight the Corona virus, which has spread widely in the countries of the world, infected hundreds of thousands and claimed thousands of lives, and there are new hopes about the effectiveness of the tuberculosis vaccine in achieving good results in the battle against the Corona outbreak.

According to a newspaper the print Hindi Many countries are now experimenting with tuberculosis vaccine BCG To verify its effectiveness in raising the ability of the immune system to counter the Corona virus, this vaccine used to treat tuberculosis is named after French microbiologists Albert Calmette and Camille Guerin, who developed it nearly a hundred years ago in 1919 to fight highly contagious respiratory diseases.

Studies will start this week in more than 6 countries starting from the Netherlands, followed by Germany, the United Kingdom, Spain, India, Australia and other countries.



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