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Will we try again next year? A conversation between Allegri and Juve

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Will we try again next year? A conversation between Allegri and Juve

Will we try again next year? Summer hits company apart from that, it is the big question for Juventus. Linked, above all, to the future of Massimiliano Allegri. Impossible not to start from the Juve-Ajax post game: the confirmation of is too clear and decisive Andrea Agnelli to not take note. To date, while awaiting the much coveted and imminent talk, Allegri will be the Juventus coach also next year: both he and the president have exposed themselves to the point of becoming, with their eventual decisions, the only ones who can deny .

The problem is that there will be a chat and the contract, almost absurdly, almost becomes a collateral element. Let's be clear: Juve doesn't have many intentions to start the season with an expiring technician. And Allegri himself, we imagine, between an agreement until 2020 and one until 2021 or 2022, would prefer the latter. To sign it, however, there are so many elements that will have to go in the right direction. Above all, the role of the technician: a new cycle, however, must begin.

The alternatives they are not many. For Allegri, first of all: of benches comparable to that of Juve, around Europe, very few remained free. In Italy there would be Inter, but the pace is not as brief as it seems. For Juve, then, there is the suggestion of the return of Antonio Conte, which however greeted by slamming the door. Didier Deschamps has its admirers but does not fully convince Agnelli. Pep Guardiolafinally, it is an idea of ​​rupture, a shock even more electrifying than that brought by CR7. And maybe he could leave the City bench to Allegri.



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