William, the Prince’s secret disease: he hadn’t mentioned it to anyone

Today, Monday 19 September 2022, the funeral of Queen Elizabeth II took place and the whole world joined the royal family to give her a final farewell. In the front row were King Charles and Princes Harry and William.

The dynamics that are created within the walls of the Palace have always fascinated everyone. This is due to the fact that the family members are much loved and Prince William is certainly among them. Recently, for example, a news about him has literally blown away. The magazine took care of launching the scoop Sun.

Principe William e Kate Middleton –

The children of the unforgettable Lady Diana they spent several moments together: from the parade side by side behind the coffin to sitting side by side in the church. Many hope that on this occasion they can mend relationsdespite the tension between their respective spouses.

In recent days the magazine Sun made a statement that left everyone speechless. This is a story that concerns both the King and his firstborn. Up to now nothing has been said because in that period also the Queen Elizabeth he was dealing with his poor health.

A bad memory for Prince William

Such news would have done nothing but alarm the subjects. But what tormented the prince? In short, both he and his father King Charles tested positive for Covid-19 in April 2020. If they had made it known, there would probably have been chaos. Prince William had no contact with either his wife or his children, as he had more severe symptoms. Both later joined the vaccine campaign.

After healing, the Prince posted on Instagram an image with a nurse at the Museum of Natural Sciences in London and here are the words reported in the caption: “I too received my dose of Covid-19 vaccine. I thank all those who work daily so that the vaccination campaign continues. Thank you for everything you have done and continue to do “.

Details revealed by the magazine

Going specifically, Prince Charles had lived through quarantine in just over two weeks at the Scottish residence inherited from her grandmother. His wife Camilla was with him, but they didn’t see each other in those days because they were on different floors.

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Prince William and King Charles and the Codiv-19 -
Prince William and King Charles –

Different speech for the Prince, who was staying with his family in Amner Hall, a residence surrounded by greenery. He had respiratory problems and recovered in a longer time, however, he never mentioned it so as not to alarm anyone.