Willy Naessens in ‘Star wars’ and the ‘easter eggs’ of Riadh Bahri: This was ‘The smartest person’

Danira Boukhriss-Terkessidis can once again welcome a VRT colleague to ‘The very smartest human being’. Anchor Riadh Bahri will be back again. But there’s more to remember from Monday’s episode, including a special reveal from Darth Vader.

Eva De Poorter

Monday, October 17, 2022 at 10:10 PM

Monday night’s winner:

Bahri interest

The loser:

Olga Leyers has to go home after three episodes.

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Tuesday night’s newcomer:

Actress Tine Embrechts, who has the record for the highest number of seconds in one episode.

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From best quotes:

Erik Van Looy to Bahri: “You come to win anyway.”

Bahri: “I mainly come to have a good time. Have a good laugh again. (looks at the jury) But that’s going to be hard tonight, huh”


Van Looy: “Is there a dress code on the jury? Do you think that’s important?

Boukhriss-Terkessidis: (laughs loudly)


Van Looy: Riadh, do you sometimes hide easter eggs in your journal?

Bahri: “On request I put silly things in it. The first time I had to do the news on the radio, my in-laws asked if I could put ‘chicken’, ‘water’ and ‘sun’ in it.”

Boukhriss-Terkessidis: “And did it work?”

Bahri: “I put that in the weather forecast: The weather is clear today, so make sure you water your chicks.”

The most beautiful moment:

Willy Naessens chairs The very slimmest periods still in space. This time he ends up in a lightsaber-fight with Darth Vader off Star wars. What Vader wins. “Now you are probably going to tell me that you are my father.” “No,” Father says. “I’m your partner!” To which Naessens: “Marie-Jeanne?” And yes, take off your helmet and there is Willy Naessens’ wife. That’s something to keep a secret from your partner.

The standings

1 Bart Cannaerts (17 episodes)

2 Danira Boukhriss-Terkessidis (6 episodes)

3 Jonas Geirnaert (5 episodes)

4 Liesbeth Van Impe (4 episodes)

5 Delphine Lecompte (4 episodes)