Wilma, the last trip from London – Crime Scene

An obsession and economic interests surround the femicide of Wilma, a 39-year-old woman with endless projects who met her death after the last trip she made from London to Bolivia, at the hands of someone who said she loved her.

Wilma arrived in Bolivia at the beginning of March to visit her relatives and carry out some pending paperwork, accompanied by her partner. In the city of La Paz, she mainly had her brother and her sister-in-law, since her mother lives and works in Spain.

She arrived in the country in the company of her current partner, with whom – a few months ago – she had even begun to share a residence in London, where she had been successful in finding a stable and secure job, which would also allow her to carry out her studies in Business Administration.


Wilma was seen for the last time on Sagárnaga street, in La Paz, on March 22, when she was about to leave a beauty salon, from which the person who attended her assured that the woman seemed to be in a great hurry and that she did not He stopped checking his cell phone repeatedly while he attended to her.

She sent a voice message to her boyfriend Álvaro Arazena, and that was the last conversation she had with the man before his disappearance.

The next day, she would have sent a text message to her brother in which she indicated that she would return to London. There she wrote that she had to change the airline combination to advance her trip due to work issues.

However, this change did not happen, the relatives warned that their belongings – money, documents and clothing – still remain in their room.


A day later, on Wednesday, March 23, Wilma’s partner received a strange text message saying that she had met her ex, something that seemed very strange to her because since then there has been no other type of communication with him. phone number of the missing person

“I was thinking a lot and I think I was very unfair to you. I do not know what I want. The truth is, I was seeing my ex and I don’t want anything with him either. I need to be alone for the moment,” the message read.

After this text, Arazena was alarmed and mobilized before the authorities.

“We had to have already traveled at 3:00 in the morning to return to London and return home to start work, because we have secure work there,” he said.


After Wilma’s disappearance, the Prosecutor’s Office undertook the investigation of three men linked to the woman, it is the ex-husband, the ex-partner and the current lover.

In addition, the prosecutorial commission determined to apprehend William B., Wilma’s ex-lover, who would have elements of conviction for the woman’s disappearance.

However, Wilma’s brother assured that Álvaro’s version was misleading, since, in his opinion, the relationship between the two did not last two years, as the couple said, since the victim’s family was not aware of the relationship she had with him in London.

In addition, the relative clarified that Wilma was last seen carrying a package, but not some boxes of chocolate, as Álvaro assured in previous interviews.


On April 2, Wilma’s lifeless body was found in the Chuspipata area, on the old road to Coroico, in La Paz. The same was inside a light blue jute bag.

Wilma died of mechanical asphyxiation and her body showed signs of violence, blows that were dealt to her before her death with a high degree of violence, especially in the part of the head, according to the General Commander of the Police, Jhonny Aguilera.


Jashiro OHC, 27, was presented by the Government Minister, Eduardo del Castillo, as the confessed author of Wilma’s femicide, a character who was off the radar of the investigations.

Del Castillo said that, according to the analysis of the flow of calls, carried out by the Police, it was identified that the victim had been in a private condominium in Achumani. He stated that a raid was carried out in which objects and clothes that Wilma was wearing at the time of her disappearance were seized.

Jashiro would have had a past relationship with Wilma, but her family did not know him. Authorities pointed to economic interests and a strong obsession as motives for the fact

Currently, the man is detained in the Chonchocoro prison.