The scene is spooky. Two figures meet under a bridge. One of them gets into the crosshairs of a rifle. High tension right at the beginning of the new «Wilsberg» Crime on ZDF.Like a thriller introduces the script into the story. Then the shot falls. All hope and fear in vain. One of them dies – his face shot away. Unusually brutal for the team around the private detective and eternally clammy bookseller Georg Wilsberg (
          Leonard Lansink). And so the investigator Overbeck (Roland Jankowsky) also quickly suspected a mafia killer behind the act, who was under the bridge on the Aasee in
          Münster has struck. Whether mafia or financial mafia – his boss Commissioner Anna Springer (Rita Russek) announces doubt. After the first investigation of the police in Münster, she quickly realizes that it is about money, social fates and the small and big financial worries of neighbors and colleagues of Wilsberg. And Springer himself gets involved in the case, because the commissioner has invested a lot of money in her retirement and – lost everything.The 61st case this Saturday entitled "Murderous return" (
          ZDF, 20.15 clock) is used as a crime comedy therefore. The high voltage at the beginning and the sensitive insights into the psychic life of desperate pensioners, who were brought to their savings by unscrupulous financial advisers, are rather unusual for the Wilsberg fan. The screenwriter Georg Ludy and the director Martin Enlen succeed but a good mix, even if the audience after the suicide of longtime Wilsberg neighbors Paul Dietze (Michael Kauscheine) stuck the laughter of the episode in the neck. The social criticism of old-age poverty and errors in the pension system ("40 years working and then the soup kitchen?") Arrives and does not aufsetz.Was the episode next to the plot so entertaining, the actors in the supporting roles as a counterweight to the well-rehearsed Wilsberg team , The Austrian Simon Schwarz (last as a perpetrator in the Vienna "crime scene" and ensemble member of the ARD "Vorstadtweibern") is a cunning financial advisor Uli Pape as a force as Michael Brandner ("Hubert and Staller") as greasy bank chief. Murderous return trusts the viewer both. Cornelia Gröschel plays a cunning insurance agent, the Ekki (Oliver Korittke) drives as a hidden investigator the blush in the face. Gröschel is the new commissioner in Dresden "Tatort" and replaces there from 2019 Alwara Höfels.Am end, the question of who has held the rifle with the crosshairs, surprisingly dissolves. No surprise is the affection that Anna Springer feels for Georg Wilsberg. The Commissioner dreams of going on holiday with the loner. In the credits, the two sit to the tune of the Bee Gees classic "How deep is your love?") In front of the advertising poster of a cruise ship. The next Wilsberg episode on the dream ship? The facial features of the private investigator give an idea of ​​what he thinks of it.


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