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Wim Wenders signe “A Future Together” pour Salvatore Ferragamo – Image

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Salvatore Ferragamo unveils “A Future Together”, a film directed by Wim Wenders (Les Ailles du Désir, Paris, Texas …) for the Maison’s fall-winter campaign, with the actors Gaia Girace and Felix Sandman. Shot on the site of the CityLife complex in Milan, the futuristic film features the “Future Positive” collection. The collaboration with Win Wenders for this campaign marks the final chapter in a story that has long been linked to the evolution of cinema, dating back to the starting point of founder Salvatore Ferragamo’s “Hollywood Boot Shop” in 1923. Win Wenders explain that “develop a storyre positive and energetic as part of a futuristic environment is a challenge at a time when the future is generally seen as dark and dystopian. But sometimes when the cards are against you and what you have to fight many obstacleses, the result can achieve an additional aura of beauty. It was certainly the case during our Ferragamo shoot. Not only has the sun pierced the gray sky of Milan, so that futuristic sites can show their best potential, malso our two young stars were bright and enchanted. Especially the collection, when it was finally revealed and worn by the actors, turned out more dazzling and spectacular than in our dreams the craziest. All we had to to do as a film crew was to capture that sudden explosion of beauty in front of us“. To watch the film, it’s ► here.

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