Winamp returns

The Age of Empires II In addition to strategy games and broken antivirus software, no home computer used in the 2000s could miss the Winamp music player. The free program, released in 1997, was already used by more than 60 million people in 2001 before iTunes and VLC began to reshape our music consumption habits. The player has not been updated since 2013, the latest version was 5.8.

It has been rumored for some time that someday Winamp 6 (or something) will arrive, which is now beginning to take the form of a new website and logo. And the point is:

beta testers can also sign up on the site to try out the new Winamp.

For now, you can still subscribe by entering our email address, not knowing when the novelty will be available to try.

As described on the page, a next-generation Winampra can be expected, which is not a simple upgrade, but a completely redesigned service. “The new Winamp connects you with music everywhere and brings you closer to the artists you love. Your favorite music podcasts and radio stations will be home to you, ”the developers write.

Ubergizmo notes that the player is not likely to be revived in its old form, ie as a non-downloadable program, but that the brand-owned AudioValley is planning a streaming platform, as the text above suggests. There would be nothing surprising in the modern age dominated by streaming services, but the question is whether the Winamp brand will be enough to compete against Spotify and Apple Music.

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