Wiñazki, furious with Lozano: “Able quarantine affected you” – News

An editorial by Nicolás Wiñazki in TN He generated all kinds of responses after he told that he had been an uncle and that, due to the quarantine, he had not yet been able to meet the baby.

Although the main releases were made on the networks, the host Verónica Lozano did not stay out and did an imitation of the journalist on her own program.

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After this, Wiñazki decided not to remain silent and referred to Lozano’s performance in another editorial.

“We all went crazy, it is the title I chose. Quarantine has many people wrong. I commented yesterday that I was an uncle. That my sister had been the mother of a baby who is beautiful and that no one in my family had been able to meet her. And I asked myself questions that I think are logical for anyone who is serving quarantine and who has children or not, who has a family, who are alone. They were questions. I did not fight the anti-quarantine, “he clarified.

“I wondered if the ruling class was aware of what was happening. Argentina has the world record for quarantine as an isolated country, because New York and Wuhan are cities, and that’s fine. Yesterday I said it, but it’s incredible that today I have to explain myself myself because the repercussions were terrible, “he continued.

In addition, he added: “There were comments of all kinds, some embarrassing, others lick of some national or provincial sector. Another who was angry because I spoke of Cristina Kirchner, but I said it because they are using the pandemic to guarantee certain issues of their personal problems, such as impunity in the courts. This is so, Cristina Kirchner managed to slow down all the cases against her. “

On the unexpected imitation made by the host of “Cortá por Lozano”, the journalist said: “I made a personal comment and was surprised by what a former colleague of TNVero Lozano, who imitated me, and I have no problem with being imitated. It makes me laugh. I’m surprised because maybe the quarantine affected him. Are we all going crazy? I see, you are a psychologist, and what I did was ask about how long the quarantine will continue, which is what a large part of society asks. Perhaps Lozano does not know it, but there are people who are having a bad time. I don’t want to personalize it, but it was one of the examples that amazed me, so much quilombo with what I said? I apologize for being self-referential, I did it because it seemed graphic. “

To conclude, Wiñazki read some of the messages he received on his social networks from his editorial, where they wrote him that he was a “horrible being”, “grimy”, “fat”, among other insults. “I did not ask to lift the quarantine at all, but perhaps what I said generated as a mirror of desire of people who do want to lift it and perhaps do not dare to say it. Live your life, be encouraged to do, say what you think. No I want to exaggerate or put myself in the center of nothing, but the repercussion was really amazing. Many colleagues, and others who claim to be, spoke of this, military the anti-quarantine, that is down the line. “

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