Windows 10 22H2 mistakenly confirmed by Microsoft

Users who have not wanted (or have not been able) to upgrade to Windows 11 have good news, and that is that We can already confirm (except for surprises) Windows 10 22H2that is, the next Windows 10 update, which confirms that Microsoft continues to keep its users in mind, and that at least in the short term “big” updates will continue to arrive, although it is true that, in view of the indications, quotation marks are required.

Unlike Windows 11 22H2, about which we have been receiving information for quite some time, Windows 10 22H2 has been covered, until now, by a cloak of invisibility which, at times, has even led us to doubt whether it would even exist, even more so considering that, if it did, it would be the only update of 2022, since we never got to see a Windows 10 22H1. Sure, we haven’t really had a major update to Windows 11 in the first half of the year, either.

Be that as it may, the difference between the visibility of both updates is striking, now that we can already consider them confirmed, although Windows 10 22H2 confirmation was caused by a Microsoft error, as we can read in Windows Latest. And it is that those Windows 10 users who have chosen to install the most recent cumulative update will be in for a surprise if they access the About your PC section.

As you can see in the image above, that update is the one from build 19045.1806, versus 19044.1766, which is current for most upgraded users. But the surprise arises when verifying that, in the specifications, it is indicated that the version of the operating system installed on that system is Windows 10 22H2, which indicates that this is an update that is present in Redmond and, therefore, that we can expect its arrival in a few months.

Obviously build 19045.1806 is not Windows 10 22H2Well, as I have already mentioned, we are talking about a cumulative update that Microsoft releases on a regular basis. Even in the absence of knowing what news the “great” (yes, again in quotes) Windows 10 update will bring us, we can expect some reasonably remarkable news, something that we cannot find in this update.

However, the lack of noise about it, even from insiders, also puts us on the track that we should not expect much from Windows 10 22H2. Unlike the update for Windows 11, which does promise to arrive loaded with a lot of new features, it is most likely that those users who remain on Windows 10 will see this update pass unnoticed.