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Windows 10 lost the opportunity, which was used by absolutely everyone

Instead of solving real problems and working on improving proprietary software, Microsoft prefers to take other things, for example, to remove the familiar things used by absolutely everything from Windows 10 for a long time. It was very easy to come to this conclusion, because from the last test build of this operating system, the usual menu element, the volume control, suddenly disappeared.

For two decades now, the “Windows” has a familiar volume mixer, which has not changed in terms of functionality. Clicking on the speaker icon in the lower right corner of the desktop, you could quickly adjust the volume level, but this is not possible in the new Windows 10 19H1 Build 18272. Now, when you click on the volume icon, a special separate menu opens in a new window called “Device Settings and Application Volume”.

Only in it you can change the volume, making the sound louder or quieter. For many users, this innovation is certainly not to their liking, because it is necessary to perform extra additional actions, whereas before everything was much easier. Why Microsoft has removed the familiar function from Windows 10 for a long time is unknown, however, judging by the new menu, it will soon appear in the final stable version of Windows.

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To the delight of users, the old Volume Mixer application can still be used, because it can be opened via the control panel, or you can find the file “SndVol.exe” on your computer. According to some reports, the 19H1 update is the next major update for Windows 10, which will be released in the spring of 2019, that is, only in a few months. All users should now be ready for the fact that soon to adjust the volume on the computer will become far not as convenient as before.

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