Windows 10: Microsoft obstructs Chrome and Firefox

Windows 10: Microsoft obstructs Chrome and Firefox

AIf Microsoft still had not learned anything, complaints are currently hovering about a preference of the edge browser in the upcoming version of Windows 10. What's behind, is how COMPUTER BILD.

Other browser? Do not you need

What did not Microsoft do to make its standard browser for Windows 10 more popular. After edge-launches in the launch bar and a reward system for edge use, the company had even secretly loaded the browser into memory to speed it up. However, with the latest effort to support the preinstalled Windows 10 program, Microsoft is now entering a new dimension: as the news portal Ghacks reports, Windows 10 interrupts some users installing Firefox or Google Chrome, pointing out that Edge is simply faster as well as safer and recommends the immediate start of the Microsoft program. The possibility to continue the installation of the foreign browser or even to change the Windows setting responsible for the interruption, however, appear visually reset. Tip: In case of doubt, affected users will open the Windows settings, click on Apps and select the option under Installation sources Disable app suggestions,

Kick-off of a new advertising campaign?

The cheeky installation notice appears probably only in pre-release versions for the upcoming Windows 10 October update. However, not all users: In editorial tests with the preview version 17758.1 the window did not come. So it is possible that Microsoft only tests the function, but does not bring it in the final Windows 10 update. It is also conceivable, however, that this is only the prelude to a new advertising campaign for Microsoft products, which then, for example, also prizes the in-house alternative when installing a foreign e-mail app or a screenshot tool. Finally, the appropriate and preactivated option in the Windows settings is also app suggestion …

Browser war without end

Appropriate planning should, however, rethink Microsoft. After all, the Group has often had problems with courts and competitors due to its aggressive market policy. Legendr is the so-called browser war between Edge predecessor Internet Explorer and the then market leader Netscape Navigator late 90s. In 2009 and 2012, the EU introduced sensitive antitrust lawsuits against Microsoft. At that time, the company was forced to draw attention to alternative browsers such as Firefox, Chrome and Opera with the help of three-digit million penalties.

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