Windows 10: Tool Mach2 allows activation of unknown features


Microsoft tested in conjunction with the Windows 10 Insider builds always new features, some of which are already included in advance in the previews, even if they have not been officially announced. Now for the first time a small tool is available, with which one – assuming some “expert knowledge”, can activate hidden features.
The partner Rafael Rivera developed tool called “Mach2” stands over GitHub both as an executable program and in the form of the associated source code at your disposal. All you have to do is download the program and unzip it using a preview build of Windows 10, and then start it. Mach2 unlocks new features via command line The program itself runs on the command line and can be used in different ways. With the help of a built-in scanner, you can browse certain folders for so-called *. Pdb files and find new features. If you have found a feature ID in this way, you can activate the respective function with a simple command or switch it off again if necessary. For everyday use, the tool is not suitable because you can work exclusively with feature IDs. The user basically does not learn anything specific about what causes a particular feature ID. You basically poke in the fog and have to have a bit of luck to actually come across visible innovations. In general, the tool should only be tried by experimenting testers on a dedicated system. The changes may not be immediately apparent, so it takes some patience when dealing with Mach2 by Rafael Rivera. In addition, according to Rivera, you have to be prepared to be able to completely “shoot” the Windows installation with the manipulation of the so-called feature store, which is modified by Mach2. If you want to try Mach2, you must follow the steps above and can then get information about the exact handling with the command “mach2 –help”.

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