Windows 11 22H2 for the belt. There is a candidate for the RTM version

Windows 11 will get the first major update soon. The 22H2 release – also known as Sun Valley 2 – is fast approaching and should hit users this summer. There are already many indications that the RTM release is basically ready.

According to the publication of Windows Latest, trusted sources are to announce the premiere of the RTM Windows 11 22H2 release on May 24. At the same time, it is assumed that build 22621 is actually this release and until its premiere it will not change at all or only minimally. In practice, this means that insiders see Windows 11 22H2 in the shape in which it will hit everyone at any moment, in May or June.

Unfortunately, in practice, this will not mean immediate deployment to numerous computers. As recent statistics show, Windows 10 users decide to install Windows 11 less and less. Slow pace of market takeover by Eleven is partly the result of relatively high hardware requirements, but that doesn’t change the fact that deployment is noticeably slower than any big Windows 10 updates in recent years.

Windows 11 22H2 is to be an interesting and actually “big” system update. The key changes will include the visual aspect, including a task manager that has been completely redesigned (and its current form still remembers the days of Windows 8). Microsoft is also experimenting with card support in the explorer – it is possible that their premiere will also be in days or weeks.

Oskar Ziomek, the editor in charge of

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