Windows 11 is slowly getting going

February 6, 2023 –
More and more PCs are equipped with Windows 11, in January 2023 it was 18.12 percent worldwide. With 68.8 percent, Windows 10 is still at the top.

Windows 11 is still not installed on most Windows PCs, but the market share of the latest Windows version is increasing. Statcounter usage figures show that as of January 2023, 18.12 percent of Windows PCs worldwide were running Windows 11. In January 2022 it was still under 5 percent, in mid-2022 it was almost 11 percent.

By contrast, Windows 10 still accounts for the largest share at the end of January 2023 with 68.8 percent (January 2022: 81.15%). 9.55 percent of the PCs still work with Windows 7 and 2.28 percent with Windows 8.1. According to the Statcounter measurement, the earlier versions Windows 8 and XP are 0.62 and 0.45 percent respectively. It is astonishing that Windows 7, which was phased out in 2020, is doing quite well with a little over and a little under 10 percent compared to January 2022 and January 2023. The same applies to Windows 8.1 at a significantly lower level.

Windows 11 enjoys greater acceptance in Switzerland than seen worldwide: In January 2023, Windows 11 was running on 26.71 percent of Windows PCs. Windows 10 comes to 68.73 percent (which is practically the same as worldwide). With only 2.53 percent, Windows 7 is significantly less popular in Germany than globally after the end of support. (ubi)