Windows 11, update KB5007262 released, what’s new?

A new Windows 11 cumulative update is available. KB5007262 arrives for the general public. It introduces a novelty, bug fixes and allows the infamous BSOD to return to its original color, blue.

KB5007262 is an optional cumulative update. It is therefore not downloaded and installed automatically. It is necessary to intervene manually through Windows Update. Its installation allows the OS to evolve into version 22000.348. This build number is important because it helps ensure that everything went smoothly. You will find it by launching “winver.exe” in Run (WIN + R).

She deploys “Fluent” emojis. On the other hand, they are in 2D and not 3D as the giant had promised during their official announcement. Interestingly, they are “exclusive” to Windows 11, at least for now.

Windows 11 and KB500726, focus on bug fixes

At the same time, we have bug fixes for the taskbar, the explorer, “Task View”, “Alt-Tab” or even “Snap Assist”.

Microsoft fixes several issues with File Explorer. The first is the cause of its crash when closing its window on the desktop. The second affects the display (shortcuts) and the third causes freezes when clicking on a single click to open an item.

We find improvements aimed at the performance of icons pinned to the taskbar. The problem affecting Blue audio devices when managing volume from the taskbar has been corrected.

Other fixes address the display of subtitle shadows on some videos and flickering issues when hovering over taskbar icons. This problem usually occurs when a high contrast theme is used.

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Microsoft also fixes issues with temporary audio loss, incorrect display of certain variable fonts, automatic activation of Focus Assist after a feature update, audio distortion and audio peripherals if spatial audio is impaired. activated.

KB5007262 is available as an optional update in Windows Update. It is also possible to retrieve it by manual download via the Microsoft Update Catalog online service.