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Windows 11 will display dark mode by default on Enterprise and Education versions

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Dark mode will be in the spotlight in Windows 11. More particularly on the Enterprise and Education versions, on which it will be configured by default. With this decision, Microsoft wishes to support professionals spending several hours in front of their screen.

In addition to the many new features that Windows 11 has brought, the most obvious one is undoubtedly the design reworked in depth. Whether it is its general interface or its software such as Office which adopts a much more refined look, Microsoft finally brings little modernity in the appearance of its operating system. This notably involves the arrival of six new themes, including the traditional light and dark modes.

During its conference on July 15, the editor of Redmond went back in detail on the functionalities of these themes and, among other things, on the wallpapers that will be available. We also learn that the dark mode, whose popularity is no longer to be proven, will be installed by default on Enterprise and Education versions. The Home and Pro versions will be exempt from such a setup, although they will also integrate the theme.

Windows 11 Enterprise and Education will be in dark mode by default

When asked why Microsoft has not opted for a uniform interface configuration on all versions, the main interested party answers: “Because we spend a lot more time staring at bright screens, not only for endless emails, but also for countless meetings.” Understand that professionals will benefit much more from the advantages of dark mode in their daily use. At least, according to the manufacturer. This decision can also be used to differentiate between the multiple versions.

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On Windows 10, Dark Mode first appeared a number of years ago. It is clear that, in accordance with what is asked of it, it greatly soothes the luminosity which can quickly prove aggressive after several hours of work. For anyone who uses Windows outside of a professional setting, it should be just as easy to set it up as on the current version.

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