What to Know

  • The 1894 Wine Bar at Vroman Book Shop
  • 695 E. Colorado Boulevard in Pasadena
  • February 10 opening

The cafes and shops are a very conscious and familiar book that even butter and jelly, let alone bacon & eggs, may feel threatened.

You could even put a cafe and books on the most popular duo at all, or at least in the top ten of the wonderful dual. But a new entrant can challenge that cozy crown in the sit-and-read section: 1894.

The 1894 center is located in a bookstore, yes, but not one book store. This is Vroman’s bookstore and we are talking about it, who is very popular with the children’s ideas, readings, poetry, books and culture.

It means that it has earned its bill “Southern California’s Largest and Largest Book Store Repository” over its past decades in South California.

That’s right: Vromas have roots in the 1800s, and the historical name in 1894 raises glass for that commendable fact.

Glass of wine, that is. As for the 1894, which is open to open on February 10, 2020, a traditional coffee shop book shop, is not just a wine bar.

So, rather than a round of lattes to order a monthly club book meeting, you can bottle a viognier, or ask a cabernet, all a little grape depth to lend to the discussion.

And if nutrition needs the yard back and forth or the characters, put your attention online small plates of the wine bar, which will contain many fine cheeses, olives, crackers, meat, and more.

Of course, the classic coffee house does not lose its popularity to the readers, the kind of people who like a hot cup as they enter the last pages of novels.

But wine bar?

The most modern material with this well-established bookstore could be the cutting edge of a game, or, at the very least, a page trailer for those who are eager to get down over a happy hour with memories. heads and merlot rather than mocha.


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