Winter scene leads to peak activity in South Limburg woods

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Stefan van der Gijze

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NOS NewsSunday, 4:41 PM

Due to a thick layer of snow, it has been busy all weekend in the Vijlenerbos in Vaals. So busy that the municipality asks visitors for the second day in a row not to come by car, writes 1Limburg.

“Today, too, the pack of snow is again causing enormous crowds in the Vijlenerbos. There is no longer room to park the car. In addition, it is very slippery. That is why the call: do not come to the Vijlenerbos by car,” said the municipality.

The Zuid-Limburg forest is the highest forest in the Netherlands, so in winter weather like this week there is soon a nice layer of snow. This can also be seen in the photos of weatherman Stefan van der Gijze of regional broadcaster Rijnmond, who visited the forest yesterday.

The Vijlenerbos is a vast forest of about 8 kilometers lang. Big enough for countless snow lovers. People are therefore still welcome on foot. At the restaurant in the forest it is “chaotically busy”, but sustainable. “It’s not too bad because people can no longer come to us,” said an employee.

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