Winter storm threatens 80 million people in southeastern US

EFE.- Nearly 80 million people who live in the southeast of U.S are this Sunday under alert for a strong winter storm that has already left nearly 240,000 customers without electricity and has forced the cancellation of thousands of flights.

The National Weather Service (NWS) forecast heavy snowfall mainly in the states of Georgia, the Carolinas, Tennessee Y Virginia due to a cold front that will move throughout the day to the northeast and the lower part of the Great Lakes, until reaching Canada The next Tuesday.

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The first effects are already felt in Georgia Y North Carolina, where more than half a thousand flights have been canceled at Charlotte International Airport, or 91% of those planned, according to the specialized website FlightAware.

In total, according to this portal, more than 2,600 flights have been canceled and hundreds more suffer delays in the country, many of which departed or arrived at Hartsfield-Jackson International Airport, in Atlanta, the busiest of U.S by passenger traffic, and that this Sunday sees how 27% of its operations are cancelled.

The NWS had already anticipated it, which had indicated that this “important” winter storm would have “significant impacts” on travel between Sunday and Monday in eastern U.S, where the heaviest snowfall is expected along the Appalachian Mountains and the frost both in North Carolina like in South Carolina.

The storm has also affected the electricity supply in the region, according to the PowerOutage website, which reports blackouts in U.S.

In Georgia, more than 93 thousand customers lack electricity, a similar situation suffered by some 89 thousand people in South Carolina, 26 thousand in North Carolina and another 33 thousand in Florida.

Precisely, the governors of these three states plus Virginia had already declared the state of emergency before the arrival of winter storm to facilitate the deployment of resources.

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Further south, in Florida, the NWS has issued warnings this Sunday for possible tornados in the center, east and south of the peninsula.

The southern end of Florida, included Miami, is under alert tornado until mid-afternoon this Sunday, while in the center of the state local media reported that one was detected in the metropolitan area of Orlando.

Because this low pressure front not only threatens with heavy snowfall and casualties temperatures, but also copious rains and strong winds throughout the southeastern region of the country.