Winterthur is looking for sponsorship for the inner courtyard building

As the city of Winterthur reports, it is looking for a sponsor for the use of two Obertor properties.

The city of Winterthur ZH. (icon image) – Pixabay


A month ago, Winterthur’s city parliament approved the city council’s application to dispense with a design plan for the development of the Obertor area and instead to carry out four individual projects.

One of the individual projects relates to the properties at Obertor 15 and 17a in the inner courtyard of the site.

The city is now tendering the buildings for sale under construction law. In this way, she is looking for a sponsorship with an innovative usage concept.

Separate procedure for landscaping the yard

Cultural-communal or commercial uses are aimed for on the ground floor.

Residential use such as multi-generational living or cluster living is to be realized on the upper floors.

A separate procedure is started for the design of the courtyard, in which the demand for opening up the area and the needs of the neighborhood are also taken into account.