“Wirot” warns “Prayut” to open the country. It’s not a joke. Recommends 6 things to deal with. Vaccines – medicines must be ready.

“Wirot” warns “Prayut” to open the country is not a joke, recommends 6 things to prepare for vaccines – medicines must be ready in every situation Point out that if you do not prepare, the consequences will fall on the people.

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Date 11 Oct. ’64 Mr. Wirot Lakkhanaadisorn list of MPs As a spokesperson for the Progressive Party Addressing the case of the government preparing to open the country to foreign tourists during the coming November that if from June 16, 64 at General Prayut Chan-ocha Prime Minister and Minister of Defense Has pledged to the people to open the country in 120 days, which is due on October 14, 64, the situation of the Covid-19 epidemic. At present, the number of infected people is increasing by about 10,000 per day and about 60-80 deaths per day, and if considering the ATK test results, there is still a tendency to increase.

The current outbreak is an epidemic that has spread to the region. Many provinces are also more prone to infection. to open the country to revitalize the economy in a concrete way Governments need to make the COVID-19 outbreak It’s a normal illness. where the normal health system can control the outbreak and can take care of patients

Mr. Wirot said Opening the country is not a joke that Gen. Prayut thought to open If you want to close it, you close it. When you don’t dare to close it, you force it to open and then close it suddenly. Until causing losses to the people, the Progressive Party therefore proposes 6 guidelines for preparing to open the country

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As follows: 1. Currently, the rate of vaccination with 2 injections (as of October 10, 64) is at 32.5% or only 23.4 million people. The rate of one shot vaccination is 48.7%, or 35.1 million, with only 14 provinces. that people who received at least 1 dose of vaccine have a coverage of 50% or more, and if considering the elderly group, it was found that only 7 provinces with a coverage of at least 70%, the government should make it clear that How much vaccination coverage is required to be eligible for opening a tour?

Mr. Wirot He continued that 2. The government has to speed up vaccination for merchants. and people living in economic districts concurrently If the economic district has sufficient coverage for vaccination rates It may have a sign showing. to build confidence for tourists

3. There are measures for vaccination. and taking care of patients who are foreign workers both legal and illegal If there is no clear disease prevention and care system It is very risky that foreign workers will be clustered in the epidemic of COVID-19. endlessly

4. There is a system for proactive random checks in risk areas in various provinces with clear ATK test kits. There is a system that allows people to easily access ATK test kits. Whether it is a free request at the sub-district health promoting hospital and public health service centers As well as being able to buy at general stores for a cheap price.

Mr. Wirot He continued that 5.Reserve stock of medicines. and various medical supplies To be sufficient, such as favipiravir. ventilator High-flow oxygen machine, PAPR series and 6. The government must urgently remove lessons. and prepare a system to treat patients more readily than they are Yellow/Red Patient Receiving System to be treated at the hospital referrals to hospitals with higher potential as well as having an emergency backup plan that can increase the number of hospital beds Prepare a care facility for quarantine, hospital, field hospital immediately if the outbreak becomes more severe

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Mr. Wirot He further said that if the government opens tourism Without doing homework in these 6 items, instead of people receiving benefits Turns out to deceive people to travel to meet with great losses. because a small number of people have to borrow or take the last money in life used to invest in their own business rehabilitation If the tourism and the tourists do not come Or open for a while, have to close again. because the government cannot control the spread of the disease The people will only be spoiled. along with insolvency