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The French president decided to take a short vacation and set sail for the wide waters of the Mediterranean Sea. He was accompanied by his wife as she basked in the sun in a one-piece garment.

Emmanuel Macron undoubtedly has a lot to do now. The coronavirus pandemic in his country is gaining momentum, so authorities must work hard to prevent its spread.

Brigitte Macron on the yacht

Working at full speed had an impact on health, so the French president decided to put state matters aside and spend a nice time on the yacht.

He was accompanied by his wife, who eagerly watched as her beloved sailed on a motorboat in the Mediterranean Sea just off the French island of Porquerolles.

Brigitte Macron was not tempted by extreme water sports and preferred to bask in the sun instead.

The first lady of France was wearing a navy blue one-piece swimsuit and a baseball cap of the same color. It cannot be denied that the 67-year-old has a figure that many younger women can envy her.

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