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Iza and Kamil from “Wedding at First Sight” were a surprise last season. As it turns out, they are still together. How beautiful they look together!

The last edition of the “Wedding at First Sight” program aroused great emotions. All because the expert elections were quite unexpected. Some participants are less liked, others more, but some viewers believe that the paired people have been wronged in a way. These are strong accusations, but you cannot pretend that they do not even fall into production.

And indeed – two of the three pairs parted with a rather loud bang. Iga and Karol as well as Laura and Maciej did not fit together at all. Only Iza and Kamil, although initially they were not expected to have a long relationship, are still together.

Iza and Kamil surprised everyone. It turns out that the feeling between them grew so strong that they no longer see the world outside of themselves. In addition, they look so beautiful together!

“You are a beautiful couple”, “Like a million dollars”, “It’s nice to see you” – the fans melted. And indeed, it’s nice to see them still together, because their relationship is another proof that “Wedding at first sight” makes sense.


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