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The extreme floods in Western Europe seem to be a “tourist attraction” for some. Dutch media reports that the police are imposing fines on people who climb the flood embankments.

Last week, floods hit Germany, Belgium, France and the Netherlands. In the latter of these countries, water flooded towns and villages in the south. What is a tragedy for some, seems to be an attraction for others. The Polish Press Agency reports after the Dutch media that the so-called flood tourists.

Tourists want to watch the flood

“We receive information from hotels that they are being called by people who want to rent a room to admire the flood,” said Daan Prevoo, mayor of the municipality of Valkenburg aan de Geul recently. He admitted that for him this situation “does not fit in his head”. A few days ago, 1Limburg television reported that, at the request of local authorities, the police were to block access roads to the city of Valkenburg.

The cataclysm, however, does not deter onlookers. On Saturday, the municipalities of Roermond and Venlo in Limburg urged people to stay at home and not come to the floodplain.


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