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50,000 sheep fall under 50,000

MADISON – Hunters in Wisconsin killed nearly 50,000 fewer deer last year than in 2018, according to state reports that Department of Natural Resources officials intended to submit to their boards on Tuesday.

Hunters killed 288,025 deer around all seasons, including victory, nine-month gun season in November, the youth hunt and the muzzleloader season, according to the report. This represents a decrease of 14% from 335,243 deer in 2018.

The nine day season fell by 23.5%, from 219,715 deaths in 2018 to 168,091 last year. DNR officials have contributed to the reduction in a number of factors. They said that the season started so late that the rut ended and the deer were not moving. They also blamed the wet weather, snow, during the last half of the season. The wet drop significantly delayed the harvesting that more than 2 million acres were still covered to stand at the end of November, adding more cover to deer than usual, adding to it.

The wardens investigated four non-fatal hunting incidents across all seasons. They all occurred during the nine-day season. No mentor hunter.

The total number of license sales also fell from 806,442 to 794,712. More hunters have become deer for sampling for chronic diseases that are pressed; The DNR 17,828 samples were collected nationwide compared to 17,200 in 2018.



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