Witch in Cali, the video of the alleged paranormal appearance: is it true? – Cali, Colombia

“The witch, go,” shouted a citizen insistently while recording a particular event in the city of Cali. According to the narration, it was the alleged paranormal appearance of a woman on the roof of a house, located in the Comuneros II neighborhood.

Before the hubbub, other subjects tried to climb to the roof to see what was happening, but they could not face her. “Look, neighbor, a witch,” the man continued to shout from a balcony. In an instant the anguish increased because, supposedly, the creature was walking between the tiles without being able to be stopped.

The video, about four minutes long, shows the group of people screaming, pulling sticks out of their houses to defend themselves and looking up. Yes indeed, Due to the quality of the recording, it is not clear if there was actually a strange subject intimidating the community.

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Did a witch appear in Cali?

The publication has been shared since the last days on social networks by several people generating all kinds of reactions. Some believe that it was a montage, since the scene would have been prepared to the millimeter so that the group of people made a whole show.

According to the local media ‘Turbaco News’, The episode would have been a joke made by an “influencer” from Cali, whose identity has not been revealed so far.

“Everything was faked and even the police passed by laughing”, “why do they always record with bad cell phones?”, “Poor witches, they can no longer fly, they crash with so much madness in this world”, “you can see the false and overacting of the video”, commented the netizens.

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It is not the first time that content creators cause a stir with their occurrences. In fact, to mention a few, in recent months another subject was recorded “harassing” women in the streets of the capital of Valle del Cauca, but later apologized for the misinterpretation that was given to his joke.

The footage of a young man is also remembered, who is treated in an ambulance until his sentimental partner enters, complains about being unfaithful to him with the neighbor and asks him to unlock his phone to check his messages. A whole novel recorded with a couple of willing people and a cell phone.

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